b. 1933, Facatativá, Colombia

d. Bogotá, 1997


Carlos Rojas was born in 1933 in Facatativa, Colombia and studied architecture and arts at the Javeriana and Nacional Universities in Bogota. He later chose to abandon architecture in pursuit of a painting career instead. However, you can still see the influence of his early studies in the strong sense of architectural space within his work.

Generally known as an “abstract” artist, Rojas also created some of his work using objects that he found in the street and implementing them into his art – similar in idea to some works created by Antonio Berni, the Argentinian artist who very much inspired him. The unifying link between his works are his use of vibrant, contrasting colors, as well as his pursuit to visually articulate the geometric basis of the natural world. His inspiration through nature is strongly influenced by his spirituality. Rojas is known to have said, “I have never created anything,” a statement solidifying his belief in a divine power.

Rojas had a successful career and had many individual exhibitions around the world including Japan, the United States, Venezuela, Chile, France, Mexico, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Brazil.


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