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AUGUST 21ST - OCTOBER 15th, 2023 


"80 Years of Latin American Figuration" explores the evolution of figurative art across Latin America spanning eight decades. Running until October 2nd, this viewing offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the vivid world of figuration, where the boundaries of time, style, and technique blur to reveal the heart of artistic expression.


At the heart of this exhibition lies a harmonious juxtaposition of renowned figurative visionaries Fernando Botero, Rufino Tamayo, and Diego Rivera, among many others. This collection unites these artists, despite their distinct stylistic hallmarks and the temporal spaces that separate them, in a symphony of human portrayal. The canvas becomes a stage where individual voices resound, each articulating the human form in its distinctive rhythm.


Walking through the gallery, visitors encounter an extraordinary visual dialogue as artworks from different epochs stand shoulder to shoulder, united by their exploration of the human figure. The chronological arrangement, commencing with the arresting works of Luis Alberto Acuña and culminating in the exuberant works of Ana Mercedes Hoyos, invites viewers to traverse through time and witness the vibrant evolution of figurative expression over the past eight decades.


The diversity within the collection transcends geographical borders, presenting a rich tapestry of styles that have flourished across various Latin American nations. The collection reflects the myriad ways artists have portrayed human figures, both in reverence to tradition and as innovative departures from the norm. Each canvas tells a unique story, from Santiago Cárdenas' pioneering spirit to Hoyos' contemporary introspection.


As the vibrant strokes of Negret's early works give way to the lush and voluptuous forms of Botero's subjects, visitors can witness how time has shaped the lens through which artists perceive the world. Tamayo's intricate interplay of color and emotion unfolds in dialogue with Rivera's monumental narratives, showcasing the nuanced spectrum of figuration across Latin America.


"80 Years of Latin American Figuration" invites us to celebrate the plurality of voices and visions that have shaped the artistic landscape of Latin America. Through this exhibition, we honor not only the individual artists but also the shared human experience that has inspired them to create. Join us on this journey, where figures come alive, and time dances on canvas.


Luis Alberto Acuña

Luis Arenal

Fernando Botero

Claudio Bravo

Agustin Cárdenas

Juan Cárdenas

Santiago Cárdenas-Arroyo

Saint Clair Cemin

Ana Mercedes Hoyos

David Manzur

Armando Morales

Edgar Negret

Diego Rivera

Rufino Tamayo

Joaquín Torres-García

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