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Jaime Miranda-Bambarén's Semillas

Leon Tovar Gallery is pleased to present the sculptures of Peruvian artist, Jaime Miranda-Bambarén on the terraces of the Atrio building in Bogotá. Directly sourced from nature, Miranda-Bambarén's "Seeds" are cultural objects and ready-mades crafted from eucalyptus roots recovered from different parts of Peru and sculpted by the artist and local craftsmen. There is no imposed artistic expression in their forms, only the aim to rescue the essence of a root or tree trunk, emphasizing the poetic resurrection that occurs when vitality is restored to what was previously stripped of life.

Born in Lima, Peru, Jaime Miranda-Bambarén is an artist deeply rooted in the art of wood carving, considering it one of the most symbolic materials due to its ability to encapsulate human experiences of growth and development. For the artist, wood is a material brimming with life, rich in history, and closely linked to humanity. In the case of the "Seeds", Miranda-Bambarén has traveled through the highlands and the jungle to find fallen trees. The artist comments:

"All my Seeds are created by rescuing the remains of eucalyptus trees ravaged in different geographies of Peru. These fallen trees have resonated with the emotion of what I want to symbolize. I am interested in eucalyptus because it is weather-resistant but also cracks, enhancing the germinal sense of the spheres' surfaces. Besides, this species can be found in much of Peru, and I am keen on exploring diverse landscapes and territories, alluding to the dissemination and insemination of the work in the geography and then in the psyche of the viewer in the city."

Jaime Miranda-Bambarén

This exhibition brings together Miranda-Bambarén's pieces in an outdoor space, within the new architectural icon of the Bogota skyline and the tallest towers in Colombia: the Atrio towers. Designed by Sir Richard Rogers and Giancarlo Mazzanti, these towers have received three worldwide awards from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Miranda-Bambarén's "Seeds'' will be part of this project for the next few months, creating a contrast between the rural and the urban, the natural and the unnatural.

The “Seeds” are also receptacles for the imaginative space of those involved in their processes. Alongside local craftsmen, the artist constructs a ritualistic process in which the pieces are created or a sort of 'spiritual ceremony.' From the excavation of the roots rescued in the Peruvian countryside necessary to create them, to their contextual placement in the urban imaginary of Lima, Madrid, Manhattan, and now the Atrio towers in Bogotá; the concept of growth and the metaphor of the “Seeds” align with the new phase of revitalization and innovation that the Atrio building celebrates on Avenida Caracas.

"The Seeds are archaeology of rural and urban fantasies. They are receivers and transmitters of stories. Their journeys from the countryside to the city, and into cyberspace in their documentation, are a machinery for the manufacture of shared myths. They are, and I say this vehemently, an inevitable spell planted in the memory of those who encounter them."


Jaime Miranda-Bambarén

Lima, September 26, 2023

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