(b. 1934)



Jorge Riveros studied at the National School of Fine Arts (1951-1956) and from 1956 to 1999 he worked as a teacher at different institutions.  In 1960 he had his first solo exhibition of figurative-impressionist work.  The first award he received was at the Salon de Artistas Santandereanos in 1964.  in 1965, he moved to Germany and made a number of solo and group exhibitions at different cities across the country.  in 1969 he ventured into geometric abstraction and joined the group of artists known as “Semikolon” making numerous exhibitions with the association.  It was in the early 1980s that he developed his Constructivist painting, with a clear influence from pre-Colombian art.  These works are characterized by being more intense and varied in color.  In 1996 he started working in large format murals and subsequently began working in stained glass.  Throughout his career, he also worked with metal sculptures and he has done several projects in that field for public spaces in Bogotá.  Since 1996, he has continued to develop his early ‘60s and ‘70s works from Germany on geometric abstraction, and has done several more works based on his ideas and proposals from that time.