Jesús Rafael Soto – "Cubo y Extensión," 1971

In this video, we explore artist Jesús Rafael Soto and his 1971 piece Cubo y Extensión

Arnaldo Pomodoro – "Sphere in the Rough," 1979

In this video, we explore artist Arnaldo Pomodoro and his 1979 piece Sphere in the Rough

Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar – "Manto Emplumado," 1988

In this video, we explore artist Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar and his 1988 piece Manto Emplumado

Edgar Negret – "El Puente (Homage to Paul Foster)," 1968-1970

In this video, we explore artist Edgar Negret and his 1968-1970 piece El Puente (Homage to Paul Foster)

Joel Shapiro – "Untitled," 1978

In this video, we explore artist Joel Shapito and his 1978 piece Untitled

Carmelo Arden Quin – "Untitled," ca. 1985

In this video, we explore artist Carmelo Arden Quin and his ca. 1985 piece Untitled

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