"Rebelling against the spatial and ideological constraints of the traditional rectangular or square canvas, [his] mutable sculptures and paintings of irregular shape with moveable components (coplanals) embraced a range of modern transparent translucent and illuminated materials."

"As galleries large and small continue to find their footing during the pandemic, Sales Director Isabel Suarez spoke with Barron’s about the specific steps Leon Tovar Gallery has taken to maintain our commitment to our artists, community, and clients." 

"An interesting aspect of this platform is the evolution it has had in recent years, with a marked interest in American art. In the words of art dealer León Tovar, from León Tovar Gallery—which focuses on modern Latin American art— 'One of the most recognizable changes is the internationalization of the fair and the approach it has had towards North and South America, specifically in the area of modernism […]. The most interesting is the type of collectors that go to TEFAF. They know what they want. They are real collectors, looking for pieces without thinking about how they are going to resell or do business or invest.'" 

Photo: Guy Houben

"Also notable is the limestone sculpture Head, by the Argentinean Marcelo Bonevardi, exhibited in the gallery of the Colombian León Tovar, based in New York and specializing in Latin American art."

Photo: Guy Houben

TEFAF Maastricht 2020: Eclectic and Precious

“We will also appreciate the works of the Argentinian artist Marcelo Bonervardi at Leon Tovar (NY)...”

Photo: Guy Houben

"Best Gallery" from the Asociación Española de Críticos de Arte (AECA) at ARCO Madrid 2020

Leon Tovar Gallery is pleased to have received the award for Best Gallery from the Asociación Española de Críticos de Arte (AECA) at ARCO Madrid 2020. As a consistent exhibitor at the fair, we are humbled to have received this distinction and understand it to be a reflection of the quality of Latin America’s most important artists. The Gallery looks forward to continuing its program of underscoring the accomplishments of these often under-recognized artists, and advocating for their increasing visibility within the international canon.  

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